An all-in-one mobile workstation that provides power, connectivity, a stable work surface, storage and allows you to extend your work boundaries.



Spacious workspace.

Cut out the clutter of traditional workspaces. Features a 16” x 24” work surface. With a soft touch, self healing silicone finish, you’ll have the perfect non-skid surface to work on. The workspace is waterproof, easily cleanable and resistant to dirt and debris. Wirelessly charge your phone as you get productive.

A beast of a battery.

This battery is the best of both worlds. PowerPack integrates seamlessly into DOCK for usage and storage, but flexible enough to be used independently for lighter travel requirements. 

Features a 24,000 mAh removable, rechargeable, batteryPack with built-in wireless charging. Featuring a 88.8W output flight compliant battery, the DOCK battery can quickly charge large devices such as your laptop 1.5 times and charge itself in as little as two hours.

Two USB-C ports, one USB-A port, one USB port & DC outlet.

A connection that takes your further.

We’ve got you covered with a stable, strong and speedy network expansion.

Most WIFI routers will only broadcast a signal within a home which is prohibitive to those who want to extend the boundaries to be outside. This will also allow one to extend the range to public networks. Additionally, this will provide an additional level of internet protection.  

300M Portable USB WiFi Repeater with 180° USB Connector, 2 x 3dBi Antennas, 300Mbps Fast Transmission, Portable Size and WPA-PSK / WPA2-PSStab

Store and secure.

When DOCK is in transport mode, it serves as a secure storage place that fits up to 16” laptops. It’s packed with a padded and strapped compartment that will hold and secure electronic devices from moving and sliding around. With enough room to additionally store cables, earbuds, notebooks and a wireless mouse, you won’t have to worry.

Jam-packed in one place.

All the internal electronics are conveniently in one place.

Featuring a fast, QI wireless charging on desk surface or on the go. Charge phones, headphones, smartwatches or anything that is QI compatible. 

Sealed and protected: Exterior ports come with a silicone sealable port door, that prevents water, dirt and debris from entering ports when not in use, giving you piece of mind.

One click extension.

We give you the flexibility in how you use DOCK, from the ground (sitting desk) to a standing desk when placed on another surface. 

A simple, spring enforced button allows you to adjust the height of Dock from range of 12” – 24”. A secured locking mechanism ensures that whatever height you have it will be sturdy and ready for you to get productive!

Additional features.

Customize with accessories.




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